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Apr. 19th, 2008 @ 11:30 pm (no subject)
Current Music: Jason Mraz - If It Kills Me
wow. yeah, Jason Mraz rocks. Love this song.

*All I really wanna do is love you
A kind much closer than friends use
But I still can't say it after all we've been thru
And I really want from you is to feel me
as the feeling inside keeps building. *


I talk to people but they don't listen. Not when it's something I'm actually needed navigated thru. I'm always the person with the crazy thing to say so when something serious comes up, I'm just not taken seriously, I guess. Blah... Turning into one of those people.

Anyway, life is good.

Positive lead on an interesting job.

more to come.
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Apr. 6th, 2008 @ 10:30 pm (no subject)
you know what? I admit it. I like Miley Cyrus' (or is it Hannah Montana's) song, "See You Again." I didn't at first. Even when I caught myself singing along with it, I would slap myself or make others do the same to me. But tonite, I succumbed. I downloaded it. It's now engrained into my ipod the way my ipod is engrained in me. Bah.

Well, I went to iTunes to sample some of the other songs (and yes, so far I have downloaded one additional title "Rockstar"), but what got me were the comments posted about the album. Queen_of_Me said: "I love this album! it shows how much she matured since the first album..." Lizzie the Izard quipped, "it's the most grown up music she's done."


Let's wait until she turns 19 and is caught partying at clubs and the officers who pull her over for suspicious swerving which leads to the discovery of cocaine in her pants which she will allege the pants aren't hers at all, and in fact they belong to . . . (wait for it). . . HANNAH MONTANA! Gimmie a freaking break here. If that doesn't ruin her, painful memories of her father's mullet will find her and destroy her psyche.


More bourbon, please.
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Feb. 17th, 2008 @ 10:59 pm (no subject)
Current Music: Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

world: my fiance`

friday nite at 11:37 this man agreed to walk thru eternity with me. and i wish i could put into words how much i love him. however, I can't. So I will spend the rest of my life attempting to translate it to him.
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Jan. 27th, 2008 @ 01:52 am (no subject)
Current Music: Here Comes The Sun - Sheryl Crow
three of my favorite songs at this moment in time:

Here Comes The Sun - Sheryl Crow
Here Comes the Night - Dwight Yoakam
Here Comes My Baby - The Mavericks

see a pattern? yes, they're all covers, but there's a certain looming on the horizon, maybe? Something's coming...and its not me. ;-p
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Jan. 21st, 2008 @ 12:04 am (no subject)
Current Music: I Drove All Night - Roy Orbison
That's right, Pats! You've still got a Manning gunning for ya! Watch your back Brady....stoopid pats. *vomit*

Anyway, yeah, thank you, Lane, for getting me hooked on football. It's seriously so closely related to war that it's not even funny. well, perhaps an exit strategy or two. But hey, whadda I know ;-p
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Dec. 1st, 2007 @ 12:34 pm (no subject)
Current Music: Stronger - Kanye West
you've been waiting all nite now, that's how long I've been on ya...

So Guess who's back? If you guessed Anna Nicole Smith...you're a crack fiend!

If you guessed Me, give yourself an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. Cause by this point I'm nothing more than a partial wrinkle in the nether regions of your frontal lobe.

Got a laptop! It's brand new, and it's all mine! and it rox. . . a lot.

Lots to update on.

stay tuned.

I love still love Jim Beam, but not more so than Zach Gifford :)
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Sep. 30th, 2007 @ 10:26 am (no subject)
Oh, two more quick things!

Z got me a wriststrong bracelet. I'm pretty excited to have it actually. Colbert cracks me up just as much as he cracks his own wrist...okay yeah, that was a too much of a reach.

And for the first time in over 2.5 years i can wear my A&F BarStars again! my favorite cut of denim ever and they quit making them, so when I 'outgrew' them I was unable to obtain more. I didn't realize it, but I've lost 30 pounds since I've been back from Tennessee. It's insanity. I haven't really noticed until recently though. I attribute it eXclusively to Mr. Jim Beam!
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Sep. 30th, 2007 @ 10:20 am (no subject)
Current Music: Marilyn Manson - User Friendly
After my last entry, the word 'Obitsu' stayed with me. The word was foreign to me. So after Googling what I need, I googled Obitsu. Here's why the word stayed with me...

Look! The dolls have nipples! And from the images I've seen, they are used consistently in a provocative manner. gah! *lesbian sex*
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Sep. 30th, 2007 @ 10:12 am (no subject)
Go to Google, type your name with "needs" in quotes. Then post the top ten needs that show up for you...

"Shua needs..."

SHUA needs to see this!
Shua needs to get a life...
Shua needs an Obitsu body
Shua needs clotheslove!
Shua needs deliverance.
Shua needs to enter into covenant with God.
Shua needs your ministry.
Shua needs to begin to turn.

I only had eight results, well, more but some of them were duplicates. I guess I don't need as much as y'all do!
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Sep. 3rd, 2007 @ 11:08 am (no subject)
So yeah...The Island. Wow. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I kinda called part of it, but it wasn't a let down. I even was complacent with Scarlett Johannson's performance. I would go as far to say she looked good in it. But then again, everyone looks better with a few cuts and bloody messes on their faces :) But typically I don't find her attractive. I will end up purchasing that movie. Although, I'm afraid some close minded right wings might utilize such events as further arguments against stem cell research and the such. But I loved Steve Buscemi's response when posed with the question of God. He said something to the effect of "Y'know, when you pray he's the guy who ignores you." Ashley and I both got a good chuckle outta that one.

Watched Halloween last nite. I've not completely seen the original so I dunno how it fares to that one. But I really liked the girl who played Laurie in the movie. She was intelligent, pleasant, kinda funny...and incredibly lucky! I was afraid being a Rob Zombie movie it would be a gore fest, not unlike The Devil's Rejects. But it wasn't that bad on the gore meter. Overall, enjoyed it though. Anyone else viewed it yet?

Ugh...time to labor on labor day.
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